Dragon Tiger Live: The Basics

Dragon Tiger Live: The Basics

Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger is a live dealer casino game that may be played in many ways. It was created in Cambodia and can now be found at nearly all internet gambling sites like Maxim88 thanks to its widespread availability. This game is quite popular among gamers due to the ease and speed with which it can be played.


How to describe Dragon Tiger?

A 52-card Standard English deck is used for this game. Neither jokers nor additional ones are utilized, and the round is dealt from a shoe containing six to eight decks of cards. Dragon Tiger differs from other casino games in that it pits you against the house rather than the other patrons. It’s your job to accurately predict whether the Dragon or Tiger has the highest card in its hand. The sole resemblance to Baccarat is that just one card is dealt on the Dragon and Tiger places, unlike in Baccarat.


What Is The Best Way To Win At Dragon Tiger?

This game has just two ground rules. The first is the low value of the Ace (A). It’s the lowest value card in the deck. Second, if both spots/sides have the same value card, the house will take half of your bets.

There are four methods to place a wager. To play Dragon and Tiger, all you have to do is select a side based on which card you believe will be higher. If you wager on the Dragon or Tiger, you will get a 1:1 payout and a house edge of 3.73%. Thus, if you bet on the proper side, you will get the same payout as your wager.

Tie and Suited Tie are the other two wagering options. Place a wager here if you believe that the cards dealt will have the same values. If you predict right on the Tie bet, you might win an 8:1 return on your investment. The house has a 32.77 percent advantage over the player. You may also bet on a “Suit Tie,” in which both players’ cards are of the same suit. For each successful prediction, you earn a 50:1 return on your initial investment.

A Guide to Dragon Tiger’s Rules

Each game’s round lasts at least 30 seconds. Because this is a fast-paced game, casinos will use coloured lights to indicate how much time is remaining on your stake. When you see a green light, you know you have plenty of time to make your bets before the next one comes around. If you notice a yellow light, you have a limited amount of time to put your bets before it is too late. When you see a red light, it signifies you’re out of bets for the round.

Because of the game’s simplicity, there isn’t much room for strategy. Many players place bets based on the previous winning hand in hopes of hitting a lucky streak. Since there are only four potential outcomes, you can keep track of cards that appear on either side.

You should wager on either the Dragon or Tiger locations, depending on your luck. They have a 3.73 percent house advantage, which is lower than the house advantage in the other two wagers. You’d be at a tremendous disadvantage since Ties and Suit Ties don’t occur very often.


Dragon Tiger Live is an exhilarating game because of how gratifying and quick the action is. Each round is about 25-30 seconds long. It’s so simple to comprehend that even a complete newcomer may pick it up in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve played this game, there are a slew of reasons to keep you interested. Visit Maxim88 and have a go at this exciting game.


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